Six Ways to Maximize Your Home’s Value To Sell For Top Dollar in 2018!

Boost Your Home Price

Create Space
De-clutter and depersonalize your home as much as possible. Renting a storage unit can be helpful here. Remove personal family photos and clear surfaces. 

Each surface should have no more than three items on it. Organize closets and cupboards and start packing the things you don’t use everyday. It will help buyers see past the ‘stuff’ and gives the impression of more room.

Stage your Home
Appeal to a larger pool of buyers by allowing people to better visualize themselves in the home. Staging can be done by a professional, or on your own, and will not only increase your homes sale price, but likely help it sell faster as well.

Go Green
When replacing household items, opt for energy saving alternatives. Windows, HVAC, lighting; energy-saving utilities can save big bucks, while attracting buyers.

Make Budget Friendly Fixes
Fresh paint, clean carpets, and new faucets can go a long way without breaking the bank, especially if the house just needs to be freshened up.

Fix the Flooring
Investing a little in updating flooring can produce big returns. If you’ve got blue carpet or green vinyl bathroom floor, replacing them could mean thousands of dollars on your selling price.

Work with a Licensed Real Estate Agent
Studies show that the median home price for sellers who work with agents sell their homes is 24% higher, and sell in less time, than sellers who go the FSBO route.

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